Ubislate 7 (Aakash) Tablet

Ubislate is a low cost, 7-inch multi touch screen tablet which runs on Android. Ubislate is developed by DataWind, a London based company.

This tablet received immense popularity in India after Kapil Sibal, India's Human Resource Development Minister announced a government subsidy on one of the DataWind’s tablet model. This model is referred as 'Aakash' and is available to students for around Rs 1500(around $35) from their educational institute. This seven-inch touch screen tablet features 256 MB of RAM, uses an ARM 11 processor with the Android operating system. It comes with two USB port and delivers HD-quality video with chip Graphics accelerator and HD Video processor. The inbuilt softwares include Web browser, Office suite, PDF viewer, You-Tube, Audio library software, text editor and many other Education softwares. It also comes with a slot for sim so it can be used as phone. Ubislate is now available in three different models, they are -      - Ubislate 7 (Android 2.2, resistive touchscreen, Wifi only)     - Ubislate 7+ (Android 2.3, faster processor, resistive touchscreen, Wifi only+GPRS)     - Ubislate 7C(Android 2.3, faster processor, capacitive 4 point multi touch, Wifi only+GPRS)


The complete of hardware and software specs can be found here.


Kapil Sibal, India's Human Resource Development Minister, unveiled a prototype named 'Sakshat' on 22 July 2010.  The price of the device was initially estimated at around $35. Kapil Sibal has stated that a million devices would be made available to students in 2011. In January 2011,HCL Infosystems, the company initially chosen to build the Sakshat, failed to provide the bank guarantee and the contract was subsequently given to DataWind.


The Ubislate and Aakash tablet has received mostly positive reviews so far.

Gadget Guru aired on NDTV in August 2010, demonstrated running the Android operating system featuring video playback, Wi-Fi and 3G (via dongle support) capability.

User-testing by students from the Indian Institute of Technology revealed the prototype would heat up after 30 minutes. Some other problems such as low RAM, system freeze, poor sound quality, absence of support for all formats and inability to install free software available online were also cited by users.

After receiving feedback of the early release model from over 500 users IITs and other institutions, Datawind announced the next iteration will have a new microprocessor of 800 megahertz as compared to the present 366 megahertz processor.Aakash-2 will be released by 2012. This will improve the speed of the tablet and solve the existing problems of quick overheating, frequent system freeze, poor sound quality, absence of support for all formats and inability to install free online software.  A built in camera and a 1GB RAM are the highlights of Aakash-2 which were missing in Aakash-1.It will also enable users to download videos from Youtube.


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